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Word of the day

Pronunciation :
Definition : hair-like structure that grows on the wings of birds
Example : The dancers wore ostrich feathers on their elbows.

Joke of the day

Three explorers were hiking through a vast forest that would eventually become Canada.

`You know,` said the first explorer, `we should name this vast forest we`re hiking through.`

`I know,` said the second explorer. `We`ll each pick a letter and then make a name out of that.`

`Good idea,` said the third explorer. `You go first.`

`Okay,` said the first explorer. `C, ay.`

`My turn,` said the second explorer. `N, ay.`

Unfortunately, before the third explorer could choose a letter, a bear jumped out of the trees and killed and ate all three explorers. Eventually, some guy came along and named the country after his aunt.

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