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Word of the day

Pronunciation :
Definition : a room which is heated to a high temperature with steam
Example : Pregnant women can take a sauna bath during the whole period of pregnancy, if everything is normal.

Joke of the day

A manager at a General Store is teaching a young, newly hired boy how to sell people more than they really want. Suddenly, a man walks in asking for a bag of lawn seed. The manager walks up to him and says, `Of course. But you will be wanting a lawn mower, too, right?`

The man asks, `Why would I be?`

The manager replies, `Because when the lawn seed grows, you`ll need something to cut the grass with.`

Surprisingly, the man buys a lawn mower. Then another man walks in and asks for a box of Tampax. The manager nudges the newly hired boy. The boy walks up to the man and says, `Right away, Sir. But, of course, you will be wanting a lawn mower with that, right?`

The shocked man asks, `Why?!`

The young man then replies, `Well, your weekend`s screwed, so you might as well mow the lawn.`

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